Vi Hummel Shaffer
27 Year Veteran K9 Search and Rescue/Recovery Handler
Specialist in K9 Forensic Human Remains Detection

Instructor, Speaker, Author, Court Qualified Subject Matter Expert, Law Enforcement Consultant

"A Comprehensive Guide for SAR and Law Enforcement"

                      “This book has been needed for years.”​ -
“This is an excellent book that has been needed for years.​ Great for all interested in detection dog work, from beginners to seasoned trainers. In addition to the law enforcement agencies who use them.”  - Billy Smith, Sr. Founder: National Narcotics Detection Dog Association (NNDDA); Co-Founder Law Enforcement Training Specialists, International (L.E.T.S.)

"After not only reading K9 Teams, Beyond the Basics of Search and Rescue and Recovery, I went back and studied this outstanding book which covers all facets that other books have not covered in depth." 
Jerry Numon -  Co-Director of Goshen County Sheriff’s, SAR Team Certified K9 Handler Torrington, WY.

"...Being a criminal investigator, I can say that if you are in Law Enforcement, this book will put you ahead of the learning curve when a SAR Team is en-route or already on scene and time is crucial."  
Sergeant William J. Fiveash/Criminal Investigations Division/Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office

"The best book for search and rescue dogs en teams all over the world."                                                 Jan Reuvekamp - Search and rescue dog trainer/handler Trainer police dogs/scent detection KAM-coordinator      Enschede Area, Netherlands

As a former federal law enforcement dog handler, I often receive calls from local law enforcement, asking if the use of cadaver dogs is appropriate in their specific situation. I am also called after searches which used local K9 teams, when the agencies question if the dogs were "good" and if they had actually "cleared" the area. With this manual, law enforcement can now understand K9 team capabilities. From an Amazon Customer

"I think it is the most “no-nonsense” book I’ve seen on cadaver dogs.  The topics are well-arranged for easy reference. And, the practical advice, (i.e. the things that can only come from experience), is solid...."
Harrell Gill-King, PhD, DABFA/Director, Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology
Center for Human Identification/University of North Texas  

 “This is an excellent look inside the world of search and rescue/recovery canine teams. The author honestly discusses the good, the bad and the ugly, of those who work canines in scent disciplines… All that are working with scent canine’s, civilian or law enforcement could benefit from reading this book as I have.    Harold “Ben” Bennett - 21 year veteran K-9 Handler, Supervisor, Head Trainer and Executive Officer Norfolk Police Department, VA (retired); Past President /Active Master Trainer Virginia Police Work Dog Association; Past President/Active Master Trainer North American Police Work Dog Association.


This book is for all dog handlers - law enforcement and civilian - and those who are interested in what it takes to be a qualifed K9 team. Although it discusses the nitty gritty of what K9 Search and Rescue and Recovery Teams are and are not it also provides valuable information for law enforcement, fire department and emergency management agencies in communities of all sizes to help understand about those they call to assist. It could be the difference between life - or death; effectiveness of searches in homicide investigations or proficiency in disaster situations.   
This book includes new research and 27 years of complied information from around the world on training, questions and problems. It also discusses sensitive subjects, explains myths and misconceptions and what credible handlers go through to become a competent resource. 

Published by Brush Education - K9 Training Press, as is a part of the "K9 Professional Training Series." It is being sold worldwide but signed copies of my book can be purchased only through this webpage as stated. 

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